Upcoming Motocross Event

After the spring break, lots of stuff going on at the Uni… I did not really have a lot of time for practice. That’s why I am entering this motocross event with a grain of salt. Why? Well, it’s pretty easy to understand, right? I have not been practicing for a very long time (I had a training session in Orlando a couple of weeks ago and that’s that for pretty much the entire 2017) and am not exactly in the best of form.

double w ranchDespite that, I have decided I will compete in the upcoming MotoX Cross Spring Event that’s going to be held at the very popular Double W Ranch near Jacksonville. It’s a long road to there, I know, but I have to get up and running competitively. Otherwise, I will end up losing all that hard earned skills I’ve been working on for the past few years. So, even though I might not be in the best of form,  I still plan on getting a solid result out of the competition. Don’t get me wrong, I am not aiming at the first 3 spots, but a nice middle finish would be more than welcome.

motocros eventI still haven’t decided when will I set off. As a matter of fact, I still haven’t asked for permission not to attend Uni lectures (yup, they’re mandatory) for a couple of days while the event lasts. Hopefully, If I manage to get the permission from my dean, then I will start planning the trip a bit more in depth.

That’s about it when it comes to this post. It is one of those informative ones so I hope I did not bore you to death with all the irrelevant information. Until next time, stay safe guys… And for those of you who are still on their spring break (or those who are yet to go), ENJOY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Why? Well, when you come back, the real hell awaits!