Spring Break 2017!!!

springbreak-keywestKey West! Oh good lord how awesome that sounds. I get shivers down my spine just by thinking of it… Just by saying its name! So yeah, you can probably conclude from the very first sentence the destination of my spring break. It is none other than the awesome Key West. Truth be told, it’s one of the most popular Florida spring break destinations so it is not really surprising our Uni decided to place us there. The information I’m going to provide you with in the next couple of paragraphs is extremely personal so… I just hope my parents don’t read this.

absinthHow was it there? Did I have some fun? Well… Let’s just say I don’t even remember half of my stay there (mom, dad; if you’re reading this, I’m sorry). ┬áSome guys managed to get their hands on some Absinth. As far as I can recall, one of them has some relatives in the Netherlands and that thing is legal there so… well, he kind of smuggled it here and we all made the best of it.

So yeah, there was booze and drugs, there were promiscuous girls all around us as well. To be honest, the club was a proper sausage fest… but other than that – I gotta give it to Key West – it’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited in my life. Heaven on Earth, some would say, and I would most likely agree with them.

Unfortunately, the heavenly week flew right by us and we were back home before anyone even realized what was happening. So, to summarize – I had an awesome time at 2017 spring break. It’s one of those experiences you just cannot describe with mere words. You have to be there for the sheer purpose of experiencing its glorious magnificence…